Pelekas Reunited

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Pelekas Reunited

Remember that wonderful time you spent in Pelekas? Remember that great crowd you hung out with? Wondering where they are now? With the help of Pelekas Reunited you can catch up with old friends. Just click here and put your details on the email (as below) and attach a contemporary photo. (If you want your details removed at any time simply mail us and write "Reunited - Remove" on the subject line.)

name: Mario Bussi
year(s): 1985 - 1989
current location: Milano, Italy
looking for: Shawn Mcabe from Perth, Australia

name: Vidar Flovikholm
year(s): 1979 - 1985
current location: Kristiansund, Norway
looking for: Anyone from that period; John from England, Steve and Nancy from the US, Susan from Canada ...

name: Gail Houppert
year(s): 1980 - 1983
current location: Baltimore, US
looking for: Einar Mork

name: Per Gunnar Rodland
year(s): 1977 - present
current location: Stavanger
looking for: Old friends including Peet The Feet

name: Pete "The Feet'" Boulton
year(s): 1984, 1986, 1989
current location: Blackpool, UK
looking for: Old friends including John (from the Midlands who moved to Germany '86-'88))

name: Iain Dace
year(s): 1990 - 1994
current location: Malmo
looking for: Floppy Rob

name: Simon Monkton
year(s): 1992 - present
current location: Eastbourne
looking for: Anyone who remembers me

name: Derry Chester
year(s): 1973 - 1974
current location: Hereford
looking for: Old friends from Pelekas, Vatos, Ag. Ioannis

name: Ilesh Patel
year(s): 1982 - present
current location: Nr Watford
looking for: Anyone who remembers me

name: Zofia Sjostrom
year(s): 1994 - present
current location: Goteborg, Sweden
looking for: Sue (London), Colette (Ennis?) & Elisabeth (Oslo)

name: Helen & Jenny Wyatt
year(s): 2006
current location: Leeds
looking for: Anyone who remembers us

name: Brock MacLeod
year(s): 1983 - present-ish
current location: Various
looking for: Carlos/Bruce and anyone of equal or greater value

name: Bryan Ranharter
year(s): Summer 2002
current location: Washington DC
looking for: Tellis & Brigitte, the girl on the bus, Evi, Christa, and anyone who wants to travel to Pelekas again!

name: Jason
current location:
looking for: Jenny and Helen Wyatt

name: Roger Wikland
current location: Stockholm
looking for: Anyone who remembers me


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