Photos of Pelekas

Corners of Pelekas
A collection of black and white photos by Caroline Gerstad.

Corfu Cuisine

Corfu's cuisine is inextricably tied in with its history and this is what makes its food so different from the rest of Greece. It is fascinating to look through a menu and try to work out who brought what.

Corfu Festivals

A list describing the many festivals which punctuate the Corfiot calendar.

Pelekas Folklore

There is a local legend about the group of rocks which can be seen a few hundred metres from Kontogialos beach.

Pelekas Local History

Local History
Corfu's geographical position meant that it was constantly at the mercy of invaders. This led to a wealth of history and influences. This section looks at the past rulers of Corfu and their present day legacy.

Greek Language

It's surprising how a little Greek will enhance your stay here. If you can offer a few words, even the most simple greetings, you will receive in return an even more enthusiastic welcome. This section contains the Greek alphabet and a few words and phrases that you might find useful.

Mirtiotissa Monastery

Mirtiotissa Monastery
This 400 year old monastery sits on the hillside above the beach of the same name among pine trees and olives. A peaceful spot with breathtaking views.


A unique collection of custom made constructions by Andreas Monopolis. Includes sound devices, designs and musical compositions.

Monopolis Productions

Monopolis Productions
Dedicated to the arts and especially the support of activities that have an interaction between people and the audiovisual arts. The foundations of Monopolis Productions are diligence and the management of activities that offer safety and respect for both creators and their work.


The history, cultivation and production of olives and olive oil. This section includes some fascinating olive-related trivia. For instance, did you know that olive oil is an antidote for ammonia poisoning?

Pelekas Cultural Society

Pelekas Cultural Society
The Pelekas Cultural Society promotes cultural awareness, maintains local tradition and organises festivals, as well as running choirs and dance groups. The website includes videos filmed at village festivals.

Corfu Painting

Warren Curry
Warren Curry paints in two predominant styles, traditional and figurative. His paintings depict the dramatic scenery, wonderful villages and colourful traditions of Corfu. You can now buy limited edition prints of his work.

Wine in Corfu

Information about Greek wine and the vineyards of Corfu. There is substantial evidence that wine has been produced in Greece since at least 4000 BC. In "The Odyssey", Homer famously describes "The wine dark sea".

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