Corfu News and Weather

Corfu News and Weather
Keep up to date with local and national news. Read articles by local writers and journalists. Check the latest exchange rates. Find up to the minute weather reports, long range forecasts and information about Corfu's climate and winds.

Corfu Art

A useful chart showing temperature and rainfall, a description of the climate at different times of the year and a list of the Corfiot names of the winds - plus the current temperature.

Corfu Festivals

Exchange Rates
Instantly convert one currency to another.

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Greek News
Daily national news brought to you from the pages of the respected Greek newspaper Kathimerini.

Corfu Historical Writing

Poseidon Weather Information
The weather information for Greece is produced by a series of hundreds of weather buoys throughout Greek waters. It also provides a huge amount of useful information including where it is raining or will be raining and what the winds can be expected to do.

Papanagiotou Travel

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